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commercial Glass in Tallahassee, FL

Glass catches the eye like no other building material. Clean and clear commercial glass boosts your business presence and enhances your property's curb appeal. Encourage foot traffic and walk-ins when we provide quality storefront glass installation. We specialize in commercial window replacement and repair that saves you money and keeps your commercial property looking great. Call us today and let us improve the appearance of your business.

Window-shopping is an excellent way to drive customers into your store. However, if your window is cracked or foggy, how can your patrons see your display? Most damage to windows is fixable through window repair. If your window is beyond repair, you can opt to upgrade with our affordable commercial window replacement service. Want more customers checking our products on display in your store? New or repaired storefront glass is the perfect way to spruce up your store and capture attention.

Commercial Window Repair and efficiency upgrades

Our company has a longstanding history of providing high-quality commercial glass at affordable prices to customers throughout the area. Our passion is to help businesses become more energy efficient, secure, and attractive with our quality commercial glass. In addition, modern commercial window replacement glass technology allows you to keep the interior of your store cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. These energy savings in heating and cooling costs significantly improve your bottom line throughout the year.

Commercial Window Replacement and Repairs

Don't let a crack or chip in your store or office's window get in the way of business. Scratches, cracks, chips, and dings are unsightly and dissuade customers from giving your store a chance. Get your windows repaired or replaced quickly so that you create a positive first impression again. Our expert window technicians can repair or replace your windows quickly and without interrupting your business. We provide commercial window repair and replacement for all types of windows and glass, including:

 Storefront glass

 Office windows

 Commercial glass entryways

 Glass partitions


The Right Storefront Glass For your business

The front of your store says a lot about your business. In a sense, it is a contract between you and your customers, making a promise of quality and value. The right storefront glass installation makes or breaks a customer's decision to come into your store. Let us help you choose and install the right type of glass for your business. Below are some examples of the kinds of businesses that can benefit from new storefront glass:


 Office Buildings

 Interior Store Entrances

 Sports Arenas


 And More!

Commercial Glass, Storefront Glass | Tallahassee, FL

Well-maintained commercial glass helps you make a lasting impression on customers no matter what your business sells. Contact Lee & Cates Glass today for your free estimate! We are proud to serve Tallahassee, Summerbrook, Westover, Woodville, The Vineyards, and Winwood Hills, Florida.