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Sliding Glass Doors in Tallahassee, FL

Is it time to replace your sliding glass door? The Tallahassee sliding glass door repair experts are at Lee & Cates Glass!

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Tallahassee Sliding Glass Doors
Sliding glass doors can become faded and scratched over time. We specialize in replacing scratched doors in all sizes. Our customers are always amazed at how great their home looks after a new sliding glass door is installed or their old one is replaced. New doors will draw eyes and make your home more appealing.

Tallahassee Sliding Glass Door Replacement
Sliding glass doors used to be one of the most energy inefficient building materials installed in most homes. Today, advances in glass manufacturing and design have made sliding glass doors far more energy efficient than ever before. You should consider having your sliding glass doors replaced if you live in an older home or if you just want to save money on your next energy bill.

Sliding Glass Door Repair Tallahassee, FL
We can repair sliding glass doors in some cases. Scratches and chips are common occurrences when it comes to sliding glass doors, especially if you have children or pets.We are also capable of coming out and repairing the tracks and rollers on your sliding glass door. Over time, if tracks are not cleaned or repaired, it can cause permanent damage, possibly damaging the glass in the process. 

Lee & Cates Glass is the trusted source for sliding glass doors in Tallahassee, FL. Contact us today for your free estimate!
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