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Custom Mirrors in Tallahassee, FL

Lee & Cates Glass professionally installs custom mirrors in Tallahassee. Let us help you redesign your home with decorative mirrors!

Mirrored Walls in Tallahassee
Make your home look expansive with grand mirrored walls! Adding mirrored walls to a room can make your home seem much larger than its actual size. Mirrors can be used in the following spaces:

 Dining Rooms—Mirrored walls tend to add a touch of elegance to formal dining environments.
   Mirrors also help bring out the colors and textures in food presentations.
 Living Rooms—Lighten up a dark room with a mirrored wall! Mirrors can help make your dim living
   room more lively.
 Closet Mirrors—Many people choose to install mirrored closet doors in their rooms, making the room appear larger and helping you pick the right wardrobe for work or a night out on the town.
 Kitchens—Small kitchens can be made to seem much larger with mirrored accents.
 Much More!—There are endless possibilities for you to use permanent mirrors in your home.

Decorative Mirrors in Tallahassee
You'll be amazed at how great your bathroom can look with a new mirror from Lee & Cates Glass! Our mirror design experts can help you decide what designs and sizes will best suit your bathroom. We have helped thousands of customers install new decorative mirrors in their bathrooms and other rooms. We can also replace your old mirrors if you simply need a fresh look.

Mirror in Bathroom, Custom Mirrors | Tallahassee, FL

If you are looking for Tallahassee, FL custom mirrors, look no further than Lee & Cates Glass! Contact us today for a free estimate!
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