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Mobile auto service in Tallahassee, FL

Lee & Cates Glass can replace your broken windshield with our mobile windshield replacement in Tallahassee! Mobile windshield replacement prevents you from having to drive with a safety hazard.

Mobile windshield Replacement in Tallahassee
Cracks and chips in your windshield or side windows can present serious health risks for you and your passengers. Below are a few key reasons why you should not drive with a broken, cracked, or chipped windshield:

 Impaired Vision—A cracked or chipped windshield or side window can impair the driver's vision
   drastically. You use your peripheral vision subconsciously during normal driving routines. If you were to
   look over your shoulder to change lanes then suddenly look forward, a crack in your windshield may
   startle you. This could cause you to overreact because your eyes and brain are not accustomed to
   seeing the crack—resulting in an unnecessary accident.
 Airbag Deployment—Many airbag systems rely on vehicles' windshields for normal deployment. The
   airbag will often bounce off of the windshield in an instant during a collision - keeping the driver and
   passenger safe from serious injuries. A broken windshield may fail during a collision and prevent the
   airbags from deploying properly. 
 Structural Integrity—Windshields are one of the largest solid surfaces on vehicles. Automotive
    engineers design vehicles to meet structural integrity standards with windshields in mind. A cracked
    windshield could compromise your vehicle's structural integrity if your vehicle flips or collides with
    another vehicle.

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